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Wentwell Brewery
started off life as Mucky Duck Brewery in 2010, but, unknown to us, a brewery with a very similar name had started a few months earlier in Derby and not wanting any confusion to ensue, a rapid renaming was needed. The TV was on and a soap was playing, one of the characters had just fluffed a job interview and declared 'That went well!' BINGO!! Wentwell Brewery was born. Brewing commenced in a domestic garage as a half-barrel plant, a great way to refine our recipes but not so great for sales. We sold mostly in bottles and did the occassional beer festival, meeting some well known faces along the way.


We did a beer festival at Jimmy Doherty's farm.

Expansion was required so all bank accounts were drained and a new 2½ barrel plant was bought. This enabled us to sell more to the free trade, but we outgrew the garage so had to look for larger premises. It was at this point that we read about a new style of pub, the micro-pub, small licensed premises that use former shops or offices. Before we knew it we had our own, the popular LITTLE CHESTER ALE HOUSE which used to be a laundrette. It has had some famous visitors as well.


Neil Morrissey popped in for a pint.

We now had a permanent outlet for our traditional ales and we also found larger premises for a new brewery. In April 2015 we signed a free of tie lease on a pub in Burton upon Trent, THE DERBY INN.

In June 2015 we crowdfunded to raise funds to buy some new much needed equipment, we were successful and raised over £5500. We now operate a 3 barrel barrel plant.

In October 2015 we took the decision to sell Little Chester Ale House, we felt we had taken it as far as we could and we want to take on larger pubs and concentrate on building up the brewery. There was a lot of interest in it and we sold it at the end of October. It sold much quicker than we had anticipated, we would have prefered to have had another pub in place before the sale took place, but that's the way it went. If anybody knows of any pubs for rent, let us know.

Well, that's the potted history of Wentwell Brewery for the last five years, hopefully the next five will bring greater things.